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TYR since from 2004 year supplying rare earth material, sputtering target and vacuum evaporation thin film coating material
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Lithium Fluoride, LiF crystal pieces optical thin film coating material, CAS ID : 7789-24-4

Lithium Fluoride, LiF crystal pieces optical thin film coating material, CAS ID : 7789-24-4

Brand Name : TYR
Model Number : LiF-Crystal
Place of Origin : CHINA
MOQ : 0.1 kg
Price : USD$200/KG
Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability : 500 kgs per month
Delivery Time : 10-15 days
Packaging Details : vacuum packing per kgs
Material : LiF
Color : crystal white
Purity : 99.99%
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Appearance: White powder or cube crystals. Lithium fluoride is an inorganic compound with the formula LiF, Atomic weight: 25.94, Melting point: 848 oC, Boiling point: 1681 oC (in the 1100-1200 ℃ volatile), Density: 2.6350 g/cm3, Solubility (water) : Soluble in water, not soluble in alcohol, dissolved in acid.

Applications: In molten salts, Optics, Radiation detectors, Nuclear reactors, Cathode for PLED and OLEDs

Fluorine is produced by the electrolysis of molten potassium bifluoride. This electrolysis proceeds more efficiently when the electrolyte contains a few percent of LiF, possibly because it facilitates formation of Li-C-F interface on the carbon electrodes.A useful molten salt, FLiNaK, consists of a mixture of LiF, together with sodium fluoride and potassium fluoride. The primary coolant for the Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment was FLiBe; LiF-BeF2 (66-33 mol%).

Because of its large band gap, LiF crystals are transparent to short wavelength ultraviolet radiation, more so than any other material. LiF is therefore used in specialized UV optics, (See also magnesium fluoride). Lithium fluoride is used also as crystal in X-ray spectrometry.

It is also used as a means to record ionizing radiation exposure from gamma rays, beta particles, and neutrons (indirectly, using the Li (n,alpha) nuclear reaction) in thermoluminescent dosimeters.

Lithium fluoride (highly enriched in the common isotope lithium) forms the basic constituent of the preferred fluoride salt mixture used in liquid-fluoride nuclear reactors. Typically lithium fluoride is mixed with beryllium fluoride to form a base solvent (FLiBe), into which fluorides of uranium and thorium are introduced. Lithium fluoride is exceptionally chemically stable and LiF/BeF2 mixtures (FLiBe) have low melting points (360 C - 459 C) and the best neutronic properties of fluoride salt combinations appropriate for reactor use. MSRE used two different mixtures in the two cooling circuits.

Lithium fluoride is widely used in PLED and OLED as a coupling layer to enhance electron injection. The thickness of LiF layer is usually around 1 nm. The dielectric constant (or relative permittivity) of LiF is 9.0

LiF crystal shows excellent transmittance in the VUV region. It is used for optical windows, prisms, and lenses in the visible and infrared in 0.104 μm - 7 μm. LiF crystal is sensitive to thermal shock and would be attacked by atmospheric moisture at 400°C. In addition irradiation produces color centers. Modest precautions should be taken against moisture and high energy radiation damage. Besides LiF softens at 600°C and is slightly plastic that can be bent into radius plates. The material can be cleaved along (100) and less commonly (110). Although the optical characteristics are good, the structure is not perfect and cleavage is difficult. For good structure LiF is less commonly grown by the Kyropoulos technique (air-grown) specifically for monochromator plates. High quality LiF is usually grown by modified Bridgman technique. Maximum available size in diameters is about 115mm. LiF is slightly plastic and can be bent into radius plates.

LiF crystals have the following exceptional properties that make it a very important optics single crystal:

(1) High optical transmittance from the vacuum ultraviolet to the infrared spectrum region(0.12-6μm) and shows excellent transmittance in the VUV regions.

(2) Used for Optical prisms, lenses, wedges, windows, other optical components,and etc

Because of its particular lattice structure LiF can also be used as X-ray diffraction devices.

LiF Specifications:

We produce granules, prisms, lenses, wedges, windows and other optical components according to requested specifications and drawings.

Size: Diameter >60mm

Size tolerance: +/-0.1mm

Angle tolerance: +/- 10 arcand Specifications

Transmission Range (μm)0.12 ~ 6
Refractive Index at 0.6 μm1.39181
Reflection Loss at 0.6 μm5.2% (2 surfaces)
Absorption Coefficient at 2.7μm (cm-1)0.74×10-3
Transmission range (μm)0.11~7.0
Density (g/cm3)2.639
Melting Point (°C)870
Molecular Weight25.9394
Thermal Conductivity at 314K (Wm</-1K-1)4.01
Thermal Expansion at 283K (K-1)37×10-6
Knops Hardness99.1–103kg/mm2
Specific Heat Capacity (J Kgm-1K-1)1562
Elastic CoefficientC11=112; C12=46; C44= 63.5
Apparent Elastic Limit11.2 Mpa (1620 psi)
Poisson Ratio0.326
Solubility in 100g water at 20°C (g)0.27
Crystal orientation(100)
ApplicationDUV, Vacuum UV

Wavelength (nm)150193248308400600800
Refractive index1.49901.44771.41821.40831.39921.39181.3889

Wavelength (nm)1000200030004000500060007000
Refractive index1.38711.37871.36661.34941.32661.29741.2556

High Pure Fluoride Evaporation (deposition) Material

Shape: shots,pellets,pieces,granules,rods,tablets


Tablets: 8mm dia. X 5mm L, 10mm dia. X 5mm L, 20mm dia. X 8mm L e.t.c

Pieces, Granules: 1-2.5mm, 3-6mm, 3-8mm, 1-3mm, 3-12mm e.t.c

Material NameFormulaPurityForm
Aluminum FluorideAlF399.9%Ceramic, Crystal
Yttrium FluorideYbF399.99%Ceramic
Lanthanum FluorideLaF399.99%Ceramic
Yttrium FluorideYF399.9%Ceramic
Cerium FluorideCeF399.99%Ceramic
Magnesium FluorideMgF299.99%Crystal
Praseodymium FluoridePrF399.9%Ceramic
Barium FluorideBaF299.99%Ceramic, Crystal
Lithium FluorideLiF99.99%Crystal
Sodium FluorideNaF99.9%Ceramic, Crystal
Strontium FluorideSrF299.9%Ceramic
Lead FluoridePbF299.99%Ceramic, Crystal
Erbium FluorideErF399.9%Cerami

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Lithium Fluoride, LiF crystal pieces optical thin film coating material, CAS ID : 7789-24-4 Images

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